Colorado River

Laughlin Launch Ramp

Laughlin Launch Ramp Is Located In Between The Laughlin Bridge And Riverside Hotel In The Riverside Parking Lot.

New Bathroom Facilities Located At Laughlin Launch Ramp

We Are The Only Rental Company Using Laughlin's New Launch Ramp For Your Convenience

Davis Camp

Whether you are looking for an action packed weekend on the river or seeking a place to relax in the warm breeze through the palm trees, Davis Camp gives you the vacation experience that you are seeking.

The park has a wide variety of visitors and uses which range from watercraft interests, camping, full time RV enthusiasts, and within a half mile of casino entertainment in Laughlin, Nevada. We welcome groups who wish to visit and have meeting facilities for group accommodations. It is our desire to provide you with the best service possible through our maintenance, office and law enforcement staff that live on the premises.

Lazy Harrys-

A Food Stop on the River
This is a great place to have lunch while enjoying the river. When the river is up or at max level there is an inlet about 2 miles down river from Big Bend on the left hand side of the river or Arizona side (this inlet is a no wake zone so go slow and be safe). Follow the inlet to the end about a ¼ mile, when you reach the end look to your right. Lazy Harry’s has been newly painted a light brown.
Pull your ski up on the sand and set your anchor bags and the skis will be safe from drifting away. Walk up the launch ramp to the front of the building and you’re in. Grab a table overlooking the river and the skis and have a good lunch right on the water. Remember, NO drinking while boating. Be safe and have fun!
The Avi Casino

The Avi Casino is owned by the local Indians. The Avi is located down river about 16 miles from the Community Park and about 9 miles from the Rotary Park. The Avi is the only fuel station on this end of the river. The fuel station is located next to the dock by the lagoon. The Avi is located on the right side of the river or Nevada side. The bridge that crosses the river at the Avi is the end of our jet ski boundary.
We do not like our jet ski rentals to pass this section of the river. If you break down past this point it is a $150 pick up charge plus the repair cost of the jet ski. We will let people ride as far as Pirate Cove or Topock Gorge at their own risk if they are ok with the $150 pick-up charge. No skis are allowed past the Topock Gorge. No skis are allowed to go to Lake Havasu City.

Pirate Cove

Pirate Cove is located about 40 miles down river from the Community Launch Ramp. Topock Gorge is about 7 miles past Pirate Cove further down river.

Pirate Cove is a recently new location on the river looking a lot like something out of Disneyland. They have spent some big money here.

There is a tiki style bar and restaurant at the waters’ edge with white sand beaches, fuel station, gift shop, boat slips, pirate ships and more.

Pirate Cove is a great spot to have lunch and take in the sights. During summer time this place really gets busy, but it is a must see. Topock Gorge

Topock Gorge
The Topock Gorge is simply saving the best for last. Only about 5 miles long,the Topock Gorge has some of the best coves and rock formations along the Colorado River.